About us

Founder Dominic Militello has been helping executive job seekers to navigate the treacherous job search obstacle course for nearly twenty years.

Stemming from a professional athletic background, Dominic takes his audience on an expedition into self transformation and personal branding. It all begins with a paradigm shift in how one views their self identity and how they decide to interact with the very competitive job market.

The old way, which is broken yet still very popular, is a very reactive and burdensome process. It does not allow the executive job seeker much room to have any control over the process. With a unique perspective, powerful and cutting edge strategies coupled with the most effective results driven step by step process available, Dominic shares a new way of going about the job search, one  that is designed to assist executive job seekers in getting the results they seek with speed, precision and control.

The old of way of job searching requires you to send your resume into a bottomless pit, fill out job applications and apply to job postings online. The old way is still highly popular and even more frustrating and depressing, especially if you are an executive with demonstrated and proven experience and results.

Doing more of what doesn’t work is not going to get you closer to your goals. Trust yourself to get the information you need to get the results you seek. You owe it to yourself and those who rely on you.