Frustrated by the current job search process? You are not alone.

The Job Search Gurus provide the critical edge that positions you ahead of your competition.

We specialize in preparing and fully equipping the executive job seeker to enter and interact with the marketplace at a very high level.

While most job seekers are busy scanning the job boards and following the herd, our process asks you to stop sending out your resume and stop looking for a job. To get better results within the job market, it is going to require a new paradigm, a new mindset.

This powerful new job search content is designed to propel you, the executive job seeker, forward in accelerating the pace of your search and broadening your horizon toward new opportunities. The Job Search Gurus workshop contains the most effective job search strategies available and will put you in the correct mindset and the driver’s seat to be able to enter and interact with the very competitive job market. 


Are you ready to learn about the world’s most effective step-by-step job search process?

We have turned the job search process upside down. No longer are you going to be held captive by the broken, ineffective job search foklore. IT IS ABOUT WHAT YOU KNOW, WHO YOU KNOW and WHO THEY KNOW. It is about taking control of the process. It is about being pro-active and calling the shots. Great companies are built with great people/talent. Wouldn’t you rather implement a strategic search plan which is customized to you where YOU drive the process?

Ultimately, our main mission is to change the social programming of how executives go about finding better opportunities at a faster speed. The hidden job market is alive and well – but not everyone knows what it actually is or where it resides. We will expose this information and share it with you.

We fortify executives with new cutting edge strategies and expertise to penetrate the hidden job market to gain more contacts, generate more interviews and, ultimately, produce more job offers.

Our executive job search process is divided into four phases. The first being the foundation phase wherein time and effort are taken for you, the executive, to fully understand your value and how to share that value within the needs of the marketplace. Preparing your marketing material, and fully comprehending your objective is key prior to entering the often times ruthless job market.

Creating a very targeted and focused search is one thing, doing it with the proper mindset, armed with the right tools and cutting edge strategies that get the attention of decision makers and hiring managers is something altogether different. To get what you have never had before will require you to do certain activities that you have never done before. Are you willing to get just outside your comfort zone to have the opportunity to land your dream job faster and have fun doing it?

With a solid foundation and a serious executable game plan in place, it is time for phase two.

Next, the research phase encompasses identifying and connecting with certain key spheres of influence within the various target industries and companies of choice. We provide the new techniques and tools that will assist you to conduct high level conversations without having to “sell” yourself to individuals that you don’t know. This phase of the process is considered by many as the most exciting of all four phases.

Formal interviews and job offers is the third phase of the process. Most job seekers feel that they are being interrogated through the interview process. Most job seekers hope to “not mess up” the interview. Most job seekers wait patiently as the company decides who did best via the interview process. We say “stop it”. We say throw all that out the window. Let us teach you how to take control of the interview process, allow us to show you how to effectively ask for the offer. The last thing you want to do is do this wrong. Learn how to take control of your career.

NOTE: Top executives understand that great companies need you as much as you need them. Don’t settle for “a” interview or “a” job offer it has to be the RIGHT interview and the RIGHT job offer. Anything less is unacceptable.

Negotiating is the fourth phase and JUST the next step in the process. Most executives have no problem negotiating as part of their “job” however when it comes time to negotiate their “job offer” it can be more challenging. Knowing the simple negotiating strategies is key to a happier more fulfilling career.

The ultimate goal for us, in sharing our world class step-by-step job search process and content, is to change the social paradigm of how professionals conduct an executive job search. Speed and precision is what most job seekers would like to have during their search. Having control and being empowered to do things differently is a key to success. With your sincere desire to contribute, grow and add tremendous value within the job market, coupled with our powerful strategies – we believe we can leave a legacy worthy of immense proportion.